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  Principal Message

I am indeed very happy to introduce you,to one of the leading law colleges in Indore, which is on its mission to reach comprehensive standards of Legal education. We are aware that the career opportunities for Law graduates have grown enormously. We at M.B. KHALSA lAW COllEGE, are conscious of our responsibility to educate and train our students to take up

the challenge ahead. We do hope that our students will take full advantage of the facilities and opportunities offered in our Institution to realize their potential.

With the vibrant, interactive atmosphere at MBKLCand courses of multidisciplinary approach with practical application, I hope MBKlC will be a benchmark institution.

The study at MBKlC will not be only a degree gathering experienced but life changing experience for you.

We aim at making our students, not only good professionals but also good human beings and responsible citizens. Pleasejoin us and be partners in the noble task.

I welcome you & look forward to see you at MBKlC.

                                                                                                                          Dr. Darvesh Bhandari


M.B. Khalsa Law College

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