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  Chairmen Message

Dear Students,

A saying goes "Well begun is half done" and your decision to join M.B. KHALSA lAW COllEGE is the beginning, which will definitely pave its way towards success in your law career.

As we approach the new millennium, it is a challenge for us to make the world a better place to live for our new generation; where harmony, peace and prosperity would exist together, aiming at removing the barriers of physical boundaries of the states and countries. Education is the only means to achieve this challenge in true sense. MBKlC is one of such endeavors for achieving the said challenge. MBKlC has created a benchmark of imbibing into the young minds commitment, transparency, dedication and straightforward attitude towards hard work. I assure you that your association with MBKlC would be one of the momentous chapters of you academic life; which will help you to be the best of the law persons.

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